Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pickett Hill

This is the beautiful Pickett Hill house that I have spent the last 2 years putting together. This fabulous kit is designed in quarter scale by Suzanne and Andrew, in collaboration with the amazing Robin Betterley, whose work I adore. I joined the Lydia Pickett Kit of the Month club run by Judith Dowden at, and have been recieving the furniture kits on a monthly basis. Judith, I must add, is the most amazing person, incredibly helpful and a wealth of knowledge.

I changed the exterior of the house slightly - instead of the green trim and roof, I went for a blue, and whitewashed the interior floorboards.

The above photo's show the layout of the rooms, and below are some closeups od Robin Betterleys beautiful furniture.

This is the pretty dinig room........

My all time favourite, the Pie Kitchen.......

and just for fun.......

This is the 12th scale dressing table, next to the House, with a quarter scale dresser..

just to show scale!!!!


  1. AMAZING house,I love that scale too,Great work!

  2. Hi Liesl
    Your Pickett Hill is just wonderful! I love the blue colour it works so well. You have done all the rooms that I haven't managed yet - they look gorgeous! I really like the photo of the two dressers together - I have never seen 12th scale it is considerably bigger than 48th isn't it? I presume the beautiful 12th scale dresser is for your French House!
    Claire x

  3. You must have a lot of patience to build something so tiny!
    It looks beautiful! Love the colours you have used.