Monday, June 27, 2011

Dollshouse for the dollshouse!

I've started to work on the rooms in the attic of the French House - a bedroom and bathroom (although I'm thinking of turning that into a work room - we'll see!)

This beautiful dollshouse comes courtesy of Cynthia Howe - it was part on an on line tutorial for Madeleines nusery. It came in kit form, and was really easy to put together. Its probably the single most expensive item I have purchased for my house, but it as too beautiful to resist!
I have it sitting in the corner of the bedroom, and will post some more photo's of the bedroom later.

Friday, June 10, 2011

French House - Quarter Scale

Well, finally I'm back! It's been the longest, hottest, driest summer in living memory, but the weather has finally cooled down enough to make mini-ing a pleasure again! Sadly though, the progress on the French House has come to a standstill - I seem to have run out of inspiration and all the prjects I've started have not turned out the way I hoped. I'm also used to working in quarter scale, which makes projects quicker to finish, and I'm finding the full scale take a lot more effort and time!

Sooooooooo, for want of something to do, because I was desperate to do SOMETHING creative, I decided to try my hand at a smaller version of the French House. This was a fun little project, as well as been fairly inexpensive, and took only a few evenings of work to get it this far!!!

 Here we have the front of the house - windows and door need to be made, and balconies added.....Oh and roof!

Interior - kitchen, stairwell, Salon and a little Attic bedroom ........I went for a chinoiserrie look wallpaper in all the rooms - I love these type of papers, and they are much easier to do in quarter scale wehn you don't have proper photoshop type software!!!

Kitchen and stairwell........
Thanks for stopping by, and THANK YOU to all my followers - 46 in total!!!!